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At Invinopol, our product portfolio includes premium brands of spirits, cheap products for the horeca market, as well as French champagnes, Provençal, Italian and Spanish wines. Italian, German and international aperitifs and spirits such as pisco, cachaça, etc... Irish Cream Liqueur is a premium blend of fresh Irish heavy cream, aged Irish whiskey, fine Irish liqueurs and natural chocolate flavours. The first-class fires and fruit flavors of Specht and Oldesloer with their Weizenkorn. Always looking for the products that the market demands for our distributors and customers.


With headquarters in Mallorca we have central warehouses as well as collaborating companies / distribution in all the Spanish territory.​

Has a large fleet of its own and a large stock in the warehouses, which guarantees that it is always supplied on time.  We have the experience of a team of professionals who will inform you, advise and visit every week to answer any doubts or problems that may arise, giving guarantee and

tranquility at all times.


Invinopol encourages responsibility in the consumption of alcohol. Moderation when drinking alcohol is better for society, just as it is for the individual. We promote responsible drinking by providing consumers with information including the alcohol content and appropriate labelling of our products, to help customers quickly and simply understand what is in their glass.

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